The Italian Seria A starts this weekend

BitcoinSalaries Newsletter Issue #2

Bella Ciao dear readers.

If you have been tuning in, the Premier League, Lique 1, Bundesliga and La Liga have all kicked off their season with a blast. The only major soccer league that hasn’t played a game yet is the Italian Seria A which starts this weekend. Juventus will play against Parma on Saturday and will present Dutch defender, Matthijs de Ligt whom they purchased for a 8,956.65 Bitcoin fee and will receive 1,676.10 BTC per season.

Other Seria A players who will play this weekend for their new clubs are Leonardo Spinazzola for Roma (3,090.30 Bitcoin fee), Romelu Lukaku fot Inter (6,809.15 Bitcoin fee), and Konstantinos Manolas for Napoli (3,771.22 Bitcoin fee). As the transfer window is about to close, will Alexis join Inter and will Roma find their defender after Manolas left the club?

Latest additions to the #bitcoinsalaries list

  • Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers will earn 759.67 BTC this season.

  • Edin Dzeko from Roma AS will earn 467.68 BTC this season.

  • Josh Allen, Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills will earn 135.02 BTC this year.

  • Andrew Yang, democratic nominee for the 2020 US elections earned 14.07 BTC in 2018.

  • Ben Johnson, Tight End for the Los Angeles Chargers will earn 45.02 BTC this year.

Money Heist salaries per episode (Season 2)

  • Itziar Ituño (Raquel)- 6.58 Bitcoin per episode.

  • Alvaro Morte (The Professor)- 6.58 Bitcoin per episode.

  • Ursula Corbero (Tokyo)- 6.58 Bitcoin per episode.

  • Pedro Alonso (Berlin)- 6.58 Bitcoin per episode.

  • Alba Flores (Nairobi)- 5.17 Bitcoin per episode.

  • Jaime Lorente (Denver)- 5.17 Bitcoin per episode.

  • Miguel Herran (Rio)- 5.17 Bitcoin per episode.

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O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao!

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