Bitcoinsalaries is for sale

Its time to move on

Hey BitcoinSalaries fans, Menajem here.

I wanted to inform you that its time to move on. We want to give our fans the opportunity to purchase Bitcoinsalaries from us. We will include the theme concept, domain, and social media presence starting at $10,000 (BTC payment is accepted).

Bitcoinsalaries is a platform where consumers are able to find out different celebrities and athletes' salaries in Bitcoin in real-time prices. As of now, 100 salaries are listed, 38 of them came from requests by fans.  This platform attracts thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiast that think Bitcoin should be treated as another currency such as USD and Euros.  The value of the platform is about the users that come to the site and has a lot of potential of converting those users into customers for many different services such as Crypto exchanges, credit card providers, and online trading.

For reference, Bitcoinsalaries has been featured in The Next WebHackernoon, and Cointelegraph. Also, if you google “Bitcoin Messi” we are on the top from earned media, giving it a good headstart in SEO.

This can become a great way to attract traffic and acquire potential users for any bitcoin company.



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