BitcoinSalaries Newsletter #1

The Premier Leagues Transfer Window has closed.

Hello fans of BitcoinSalaries!

As a new season starts for almost every professional sport, we will be able to check how good an athlete performs in accordance to their salaries. The Premier League summer transfer window has closed, with Tottenham making the biggest last day moves by bringing Giovanni Lo Celso (loan) and Ryan Sessegnon for 1,804.74 and 3,045.50 BTC respectively.

The NFLs preseason has started in full force starting with the stupendous punt return of Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi (43.14 BTC salary) in week 1. Some players haven’t appeared in training camp yet such as Ezekiel Elliot who is seeking a 4-year, 5,717.00 BTC deal from the Dallas Cowboys, and Antonio Brown (expected to earn 1,254.61 BTC this season) who is considering retirement due to a helmet complication.

Latest additions to the #bitcoinsalaries list

  • Harry Maguire from Machester United will earn 1,184.73 BTC this season.

  • Joe Rogen, host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast will earn 986.19 BTC this year.

  • Carlos Vela from the Los Angeles FC will earn 620.56 BTC this season.

  • Colin Cowherd, host of the Herd show from Fox will earn 591.72 BTC this year.

  • Andrew Yangs promise of distributing 9,833,333 Satoshis a month to every American based on his Freedoms dividend proposal.

1 Athlete involved in Bitcoin:

Russell Okung, Left Tackle of the Los Angeles Chargers.

Russell starts at left tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers and was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks sixth overall in the 2010 NFL draft. He is a Super Bowl champion, 2x pro bowler, member of the Executive Committee of the NFLPA, and a Bitcoiner. In the off season, he has been very active in bitcoin twitter teaching NFL players about the benefits of bitcoin, and advocating about receiving his salary in BTC. He will be hosting an educational bitcoin event encouraging mainstream adoption in LA, next month.

BitcoinSalaries Progress

  • We have added a feature for bitcoin companies to recruit talent, reach out if you are interested!

  • Check out our recent feature in Cointelegraph and Bitcoinist!

**The bitcoin price used in this newsletter was: 10,234.90 (8/14/19)**

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